Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Nightmare in New Eden Part 2!

Welcome to the event page for Nightmare in New Eden Part 2!  Please check back often for updates on prizes.

You, dear capsuleer, are cordially invited to the greatest Halloween party in the universe.  Are you brave enough to show your face?  Or are you more trick than treat?

               The nightmare starts as the clock strikes 00:00 UTC on October 31st. (18:00 October 30th US
               Mountain Time)


               To blow up Tyen's Nightmare as he tries to avenge his ghastly death, to have fun, and win

Can I have your stuff?
                Yes! Prizes will be handed out to based on participation and combat statistics during the event.
                Make sure to set up your API key on EVE-kill.net, only API verified kills will be counted for the
                appropriate prizes. In the case of overlap, more valuable prizes will be drawn first and discount
                you from lesser prizes.

What are these prizes?
  • 1 Nightmare: Top damage on Tyen's Nightmare kill mail earns you a Nightmare of your very own to terrorize New Eden. Should Tyen escape at the end of this event, this prize is to be drawn and handed out to the defending parties. Make sure to make yourself known as a defender before the event to avoid being left out.
  • 3 Prizes of 1 Immolator: Being present on any kill mail in Tama during the event makes your name eligible for a draw to win an Immolator.
  • 1 PLEX: Awarded to the pilot who has the most kill mails in a Succubus. Dontaed by Sindel Pellion.
  • 1 Bhaalgorn: Awarded to the pilot on the most kill mails with a Energy Destabilizer or Vampire listed as their primary weapon. Donated by Ogast.
  • 1 Vindicator: Awarded to the pilot who gets top damage on the most expensive kill mail, not counting Tyen's Nightmare. Donated by SOMERblink.
  • 1 Nightmare: Awarded to the pilot who gets final blow on the most kill mails. Donated by SOMERblink.
  • 1 Machariel: Awarded to the pilot with the most solo kills. Donated by SOMERblink.
  • 1 Rattlesnake: Awarded to the victim that receives the most damage on their kill mail. Donated by SOMERblink.
  • 1 Bhaalgorn: Awarded to the pilot with me most killing blows on pods. Donated by SOMERblink.
  • 1 Phantasm, 1 Cynabal, 1 Domination Warp Disruptor:  Each awarded at random to a pilot who deals a final blow in a cruiser or battlecruiser class hull. Donated by SOMERblink.
  • 1 Succubus, 1 True Sansha Warp Disruptor, 1 True Sansha Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane:  Each awarded at random to a pilot who deals a final blow in a frigate or destroyer class hull. Donated by SOMERblink.
  • 1 True Sansha Large EMP Smartbomb: Awarded to the pilot with the most final blows dealt listing a smartbomb as their weapon. Donated by SOMERblink.
  • 1 Phantasm + Fitting: Awarded to the pilot with the most final blows in a T1 cruiser. Phantasm is fit with the following: 3 True Sansha Focused Medium Beam Lasers, 3 True Sansha Heat Sinks, a Corelum C-Type 10MN Microwarpdrive, a Pith B-Type EM Ward Field, a Pith C-Type Therminc Dissipation Field, 2 Tracking Computer II, and a Large Shield Extender II. Donated by Boukarou Banzai.
  • 1 Nightmare: Awarded to the pilot with the killing blow on the most expensive pod kill mail. Donated by MicloaD.
  • 2 prizes of 1 Nightmare: Each awarded at random to a pilot who deal deals a final blow in a battleship, capital ship, or super capital ship. Donated by MicloaD.
  • 1 Revelation: Awarded to the pilot that deals the most damage over the course of the event, counting all kill mails. Donated on behalf of ISN - Incursion Shiny Community.

What are the rules?
               Starting at 02:00 Tyen can start attempting to warp off the field. If successful the event is over
               and the defensive fleet will be considered victorious. All prizes not directly related to Tyen's
               Nightmare will be counted from 00:00 to 02:00 regardless of when or if Tyen's Nightmare is

Sponsored by:

If you would like to contribute to the prize pool or participate defensively please contact Tyen in game, on Twitter as @EVE_Tyen, or on Google+ as v nome.

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Sunday, September 8, 2013

In the beginning . . .

 . . . there was a fearless young capsuleer named Tyen.  Piloting a Nightmare through Loes with only a handful of Basilisks as backup, he dared everyone to meet him, to try and kill him.

After a long, harrowing battle, they succeeded.  Tyen was dead.  The nightmare was over.

But something went wrong.  When Tyen woke up in his clone bay, he could still feel what his corpse was feeling.  He could see through its eyes and hear its thoughts.  He knew it was drifting aimlessly through space-- never stopping, never disappearing.

The corpse demanded revenge.  Tyen, being a (relatively) sane and capable pilot, tried his best to drown out the voice.  For two years he succeeded or, rather, he convinced himself that he had.  Lately, though, the voice is getting louder.  He couldn't ignore it.  Soon, it consumed his waking hours and haunted his dreams.  It was all he could hear.

"Kill. Kill kill!  Avenge me with fire, bathe the universe in blood!  All who are near me will die!!!"  

All who are near you will die.

All who are near you will die.  All who are near you will die.