Sunday, September 8, 2013

In the beginning . . .

 . . . there was a fearless young capsuleer named Tyen.  Piloting a Nightmare through Loes with only a handful of Basilisks as backup, he dared everyone to meet him, to try and kill him.

After a long, harrowing battle, they succeeded.  Tyen was dead.  The nightmare was over.

But something went wrong.  When Tyen woke up in his clone bay, he could still feel what his corpse was feeling.  He could see through its eyes and hear its thoughts.  He knew it was drifting aimlessly through space-- never stopping, never disappearing.

The corpse demanded revenge.  Tyen, being a (relatively) sane and capable pilot, tried his best to drown out the voice.  For two years he succeeded or, rather, he convinced himself that he had.  Lately, though, the voice is getting louder.  He couldn't ignore it.  Soon, it consumed his waking hours and haunted his dreams.  It was all he could hear.

"Kill. Kill kill!  Avenge me with fire, bathe the universe in blood!  All who are near me will die!!!"  

All who are near you will die.

All who are near you will die.  All who are near you will die.  

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