Thursday, October 31, 2013

Thank You and Good Night!

First of all I want to thank everybody who made this event what it was by donating prizes, coming out to participate, and helping me spread the word about this event. It was an awesome night and I hope you were there for it. In particular I need to thank two people without whom this event would not have been half of what it was:


Anyway, on to the stuff giving! Keep in mind that in an effort to share the wealth you will receive the most expensive prize you qualify first, and only receive others if there isn't a clear runner-up who has not yet been awarded a prize. I'll list these in order of ISK value in Jita at the time I'm writing this, since that is the order I'm determining them and the original list seemed to be in no discernible order (It was ordered based on when they were donated, but you guys don't care about that):

  • danneh wins 1 Revelation for most damage during the event, with 296,899. Donated on behalf of ISN - Incursion Shiny Community. (Special mention here for Tactical Black who will be awarded 1 ISK for trying to abuse the spirit of my event. Cute, guys.)
  • Serotta wins 1 Vindicator for top damage on the most expensive loss, Icer Xx's Archon. Donated by SOMER Blink.
  • Jassmin Joy wins 1 Nightmare for top damage on my Nightmare's kill mail.
  • Kasai Hightower wins 1 Nightmare for most final blows, 31 including pods. Donated by SOMER Blink.
  • Ayden Messura wins 1 Nightmare for final blow on the most expensive pod kill mail. Donated by MicloaD
  • Sedai Hara wins 1 Nightmare for dealing a final blow in a Typhoon. Donated by MicloaD
  • Vandango0759 wins 1 Nightmare for dealing a final blow in a Rokh. Donated by MicloaD
  • smokeAjoint wins 1 Bhaalgorn for being on the most kill mails with an Energy Vampire or Destabilizer listed as their weapon. Donated by Ogast.
  • Gorski Car wins 1 Bhaalgorn with 6 killing blows on pods, trailing behind Kasai Hightower's 16 and Vandango0759's 8. Donated by SOMER Blink.
  • Lord Frifri wins 1 Machariel with 7 solo kills, again trailing Kasai Hightower's 18, Vandango0759's 16, and Gorski Car's 10 (counting pods). Donated by SOMER Blink.
  • Teety wins Boukarou Banzai's Phantasm complete with fittings with 11 final blows in a tech 1 cruiser, just on the tail of Lord Frifri's 12. Donated by Boukarou Banzai.
  • BlackPyroStorm wins 1 PLEX for being on the most kill mails in a Succubus, tied with Sarah Vitilk and Kavaynaya Nyaka at 14 and selected randomly. Donated by Sindel Pellion.
  • Replicator Swordstalker wins 1 Rattlesnake for recieving 1,276,782 damage on their Chimera kill mail. Donated by SOMER Blink. (Again a special mention for Tactical Black, you can have another 1 ISK)
  • Seeme Not wins 1 Cynabal for dealing a final blow in a Caracal. Donated by SOMER Blink.
  • razor6969 wins 1 Domination Warp Disruptor for dealing a final blow in a Zealot. Donated by SOMER Blink.
  • Saragossa wins 1 Phantasm for dealing a final blow in a Caracal. Donated by SOMER Blink.
  • Steve Sinatar, Sheeana al-Seyefa, and Mono Petra each win 1 Immolator for being on a kill mail during the event.
  • Dahlsius wins 1 True Sansha Large EMP Smartbomb with 6 final blows with a smartbomb, trailing Kasai Hightower's 26, Vandango0759's 16, Tyen's 12, and Gorski Car's 9. Donated by SOMER Blink.
  • C Klinchock wins 1 True Sansha Warp Disruptor for a killing blow in a Thrasher. Donated by SOMER Blink.
  • Draco Thuban wins 1 True Sansha Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane for a killing blow in an Enyo. Donated by SOMER Blink.
  • bridg wins 1 Succubus for a killing blow in a Talwar. Donated by SOMER Blink.
All winners of prizes not donated by Somer BLINK should already have a contract waiting from Tyen, others will have their names passed along to Somer and hopefully receive them soon.


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