Wednesday, October 1, 2014



Sorry about that, coming back from the dead has a way of making you crave the strangest things.

It's October again already and that means one thing, I'm already late for trying to start things rolling. So consider this notice that yes, I do intend to watch you all explode space pixels again this year for fun and prizes. By putting this in writing and out there for you all to see (and not just the few people I've talked to about it more privately) I can't back out now. So hide your kids, hide your wife 'cause they're blowing up everybody.

What is Nightmare in New Eden?

Just as the clock ticks over to October 31st EVE time (0:00 UTC) I will arrive somewhere in low security space (Tama worked well last year) piloting a Nightmare along side a fleet to support me. I will put up a prize of a Nightmare hull to be awarded to the pilot who does the most damage on my kill mail. I try to also find ways to offer other prizes for more broad categories that hopefully involve the widest range of participants, if you have suggestions let me know.

If you'd like to donate prizes to the event you can contact me in game as Tyen, here, on Twitter as @EVE_Tyen or @v_nome, or via messenger pigeon. Sorry, smoke signals can't be received this year.

More details to come soon, but in the mean time I'd also like to drop a plug for the fact I'm participating in Extra Life, a charity drive for children's hospitals, in support of Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation who do a lot of great work. You can check that out here:

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