Saturday, October 11, 2014

Welcome to the event page for Nightmare in New Eden Part 3!  Please check back often for updates on prizes.

Many of the prizes for Nightmare in New Eden have been donated by
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What is Nightmare in New Eden?

I love Halloween, and EVE Online and this is my attempt to have some fun and share those loves with you guys, and with a ship named Nightmare there was only one logical choice. I take a Nightmare and some friends, offer up and ask for donations of prizes, and we go blow up some space pixels for fun all around.


The nightmare starts as the clock strikes 00:00 UTC on October 31st. (18:00 October 30th US Mountain Time)



Can I have your stuff?

Yes! Prizes will be handed out to based on participation and combat statistics during the event. I'll be using again to determine winners because it is handy, so make sure you have your API on that site or so I can pull the info.

Prizes will be awarded in order of Jita market value at the time and each pilot will receive only the most expensive prize they qualify for unless there are no other candidates in an effort to share the wealth. Ones not directly related to me will be counted from 00:00 to 02:00 server time.

What are these prizes?

  • 1 PLEX: Awarded to the pilot with top damage on the most expensive kill during the event.
  • 1 Nightmare: Top damage on Tyen's Nightmare kill mail earns you a Nightmare of your very own to terrorize New Eden.
  • 1 Barghest: Awarded to the pilot that dealt the most damage over the course of the event as appearing on killmails.
  • 1 Bhaalgorn: Awarded to the player with the most final blows on kill mails during the event.
  • 1 Machariel: Awarded to the pilot with the most solo kills during the event.
  • 1 Rattlesnake: Awarded to the pilot who receives the most damage on their kill mail.
  • 1 Vigilant, 1 Phantasm, 1 Cynabal: Each will be awarded to a random pilot on a kill mail in cruiser or battlecruiser sized ship.
  • 1 Garmur, 1 Daredevil, 1 Astero, 1 Worm: Each will be awarded to a random pilot on a kill mail in a frigate or destroyer sized ship.
  • 3 Immolators: Each will be awarded to a random pilot on a kill mail in a ship other than an Ishtar. Because I'm petty about Ishtars Online.
  • 1 True Sansha Warp Disruptor: Awarded to a random pilot with a killing blow on a pod.

Not able to attend but want to watch?

You can do that! I'll be streaming it from my point of view at Hopefully this year I won't mess up the audio. 

Also whether you can hop on the to play and listen to music with us!

If you'd like to donate prizes to the event you can contact me in game as Tyen, here, on Twitter as @EVE_Tyen or @v_nome, or via messenger pigeon. Sorry, smoke signals can't be received this year.

I'd also like to drop a plug for the fact I'm participating in Extra Life, a charity drive for children's hospitals, in support of Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation who do a lot of great work. You can check that out here:

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